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The Build

The Female Mold

Yes, it is getting to be about that time. Hours, days and all the sweat we could muster were spend on this body plug and we are just going to throw it away! So next up is the Female mold. The first step? We are going to prep the plug for the layup. This includes waxing the vehicle, spraying it down with a parting fluid and finally setting up a clay barrier that will help us make our mold flanges. Keep your eyes pealed, we'll have an update soon! Ok, so the female mold is WELL underway, Unfortunately the fiberglass layup is pretty messy, so photo taking is a bit more difficult. We fin... MORE

Making a Body Plug

The body is by far the most ambitious part of this project. We are currently working to carve the mach 5 out of foam in order to make the basis for our body mold. This part is called the plug and here is the process we have gone through to this point to make the plug.   We started off with humble beginnings, a stack of insulation foam that we got for $50. This is a soap box car of course, so we can't exactly spend a pile of money on foam. So we are making due with what we can get our hands on. This, is what we can get our hands on... It looks pretty rough, and to be hones... MORE

Building the Chassis of the Mach 5

Our team learned a lot last year about how to build an effective car. We learned what worked and we learned what didn't work. So this year we are taking that knowledge and we are applying it to our new vehicle. The first step was deciding on the driving position and chassis design. We started with out theme, Speed Racer and looked at the vehicle. How can we build a chassis that supports this body and is as light as possible? We decided this year to go with a round tubing. We selected a .065 wall DOM tubing for the vehicle. The Weight, strength and cost were all pretty attractive, so w... MORE