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Go Speed Racer, Go... Red Bull Soapbox Races. Los Angeles California... part II

The first Red Bull soapbox race took place in Belgium in 2000, and has now visited almost 40 countries since, including Austria, England, Jamaica to name a few. In 2006 the first U.S. event was held in St. Louis.

40 teams from across the united states participated in the Red Bull Soapbox Races in Los Angeles California. More than 110,000 people crowded Downtown to watch this event. Free to the public Red Bull sponsored a successful race that Angelenos enjoyed taking part of. Streets were filled, people were hanging from the trees as well as the street lights. Los Angeles took the title from San Francisco for the Largest number of spectators at this event.

The event started with the preliminary judging where participants pulled out all the stops! There was, Babe Watch, Alice in Wonderland, Ludicrous Speed, Banana Hammock, Firefighters and of course the Pole Dancers.... which generated the most attention and wild reviews! Although their entire exhibit was a hoax the only person dancing down the road was a man swinging from the pole. Disappointing for most they earned a score of Zero! The teams were judged on 3 criteria, Speed , Creativity, and Showmanship..

The juges which included, acting legend Erik Estreada, American Idol contestant Kimberley Caldwell and X Box games and E entertainment host Sal Masekela to name a few, were on board to help  drive this race home! Stand-up comedian Paul Rodrigez was one of the hosts adding a light hearted edge to the start of the race.

The winning team Ironheade from San Francisco, also set the record for the fastest race ever at 46.1 mph! Second place winner went to Pasadena Team Ludicrous Speed  and both third and People's Choice Award went to Colorado's Speed Racer.Quick and comical the Red Bull soapbox races were right up my alley for excitement and fun! I will attend again!

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