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Friends Of Team Speed Racer

This year we are psyched to have a little help getting some of our parts.

Excel Sports Boulder has been very kind to provide us with shiny new brake parts, hubs and spokes for our vehicle. They have also been kind enough to provide us with access to their professional wheel builders in order to build our...rather unique, wheels. Excel Sports is a retailer for high quality cycling equipment, clothing, bikes and components. Check out their site and support the people that support your favorite soap box team!  Visit Excel Sports Website

The Forney Museum of Transportation has been displaying our Ferrari for the last year. They have an amazing collection of vehicles from all eras and genres. We are planning on helping out after the build with a few Volunteer days. Stop by and check the place out if you like it talk to them about volunteering, they can use all the help they can get! Visit The Forney Museums Website

Display Devices has been very helpful in providing us with the use of their waterjet, lathes and mills. This has provided us with the ability to do more in less time and we can not thank them enough! DDI is a manufacturer of display enclosures and custom display equipment. They distribute large format LCD displays, projectors and enclosures to fit any need. Check out their site: Visit Display Devices Website

Steve Hueske have been generous enough to let us use his paint booth not only for painting, but also for Fiberglass layup. This setup is definitely, hands down, the best location we have been able to work so far. The ventilation kicks ass and we have a much smaller space for dust to fly around in. In addition we have a DJ up stairs and the entire Hueske family has been so accommodating through the whole project. We can hardly get into the shop without the offer of food or drinks!

John Grimberg has been a great resource. This guy is a master machinist at Ball aerospace and we have been fortunate enough to have him as a friend of the team. Not only does he know everything...seriously, but he is psyched to help us out with some of the things we can't make, like brake splitters and detailed door handles. He just cranks them out and it all works perfectly every time. Simply amazing... Visit John's Website

Shockwave Karting is a manufacturer and retailer of high end Kart racing parts and chassis. Shockwave has always been an amazing place to visit and shop. They offer a family atmosphere and always remember your name. I have never once gone in there without feeling as though they were ready to bend over backwards to fix whatever I broke. Shockwave was kind enough to provide us with two seats for the car at no cost! Visit Shockwave's Website

Evan Chute has been our graphics guru. He helps us out in making the decals for the vehicle and any stickers that we need as well. He is a wizard with a mouse and can make anything you need appear seemingly out of thin air. Visit Evan's Website

Victory Circle Graphix has been very generous to be able to get us decals printed on a short timeframe. AJ has been a great resource and we have been very fortunate to have him help us out when we need things in a pinch. Visit VC Graphix Website

Booj has donated a few bucks to help our team get to LA and compete in the Redbull Soapbox Race. You can learn more about Booj and their Enterprise Network by visiting their website at

Fred Olson Enterprises has provided us with a great work environment to build our vehicle in. This has been a great help in making our vehicle happen. Fred Olson Enterprises provides support for car wash repair all along the front range. Visit Fred's listing for carwash repair/install needs